Hello, Welcome to my blog !!
Let me introduce myself .. My name is Emanuele Rinaldi, I was born in Salerno on 25 November 1994 from a Milanese mother and a father from Salerno. In my veins also flows a bit of Sicilian and Cilento blood as my grandfather was from Syracuse and my grandmother from Cilento. So I have Italian origins as you could understand, I tell you because many but really all the people who watch me exchange for a foreign ahah from Arabic to Spanish from Thai to Chinese and so on .. not that I do not like it but I am Italian -.- ahah
Ok .. I showed up, but you’re wondering and then what do I do on your blog? Truly nothing ahahah but I’m nice and already this is enough .. joke ..
In practice everything is born .. I opened my profile instagram, initially I was not very interested in this social (I did not even remember my nickname ahah), I saw people who posted various photos of clothing places etc. that intrigued me .. I liked and So I decided to share something of mine too, but not constantly because I was not familiar with these things anyway. Then since I like to travel, discover new places, get in touch with places that make me feel good and I like to combine, in a very simple (at least I try hahah) my clothes, depending on the place I go to visit, and with the advent of the stories that can now be done to share what you are doing in real time, I was more interested in the thing. It was precisely, especially the various stories that I do, to convince me that however people follow you see what you do and are interested in you, I saw that they contacted me to ask where I was, which places I visited, as I had done a certain effect etc .. they also asked me and especially where I had purchased that particular item that particular shirt, I noticed that they looked above all as I was dressed they told me but why do not you open a blog, how beautiful your photos etc .. and so it happened haha slowly I’m convinced, because I like to interact with everyone, with those who know me and who do not and I love to communicate with my photos and why not even do some marketing.
So if you like, you can visit my blog, give opinions, follow me on instagram and fb … let’s see if I can get your attention and if my photos can please you or at least inspire you.


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